WiFi Arcade

Well hello there. It’s finally time for a post about something fun! I’ll tell you why later, but for now here’s the what. I’m making an arcade style control panel that interfaces with (for now) proprietary games over WiFi. I’ve been prototyping, testing, designing, soldering, coding, debugging, et cetera-ing over the last month or two […]

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so much

i really miss being 12 sometimes. but only for a moment. i took it back already. as we drove past my favorite neighborhood in town today i imagined myself pulling into the gated community. i didn’t have the dreams and desires that i do now when i was 12. life was easier then, but i […]

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keep the receipt

It’s national girlfriend day. I can’t take you out tonight, but if you want to go out for ice cream or a movie you should. Keep the receipt. I’ll pay you back.

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getting the shot without getting shot

I don’t understand what the problem with people taking pictures is all about. Tonight I got kicked out of a location by security, and was told to delete all the photos I had just taken because it was private property. I left cooperatively, but I didn’t delete the pictures. I was actually really surprised they didn’t want […]

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starting over

Recently, my server’s hard drive died. On the 4th of July, actually.. So I lost basically everything and I’m starting over. I finally got around to getting this site back up. So if you’re actually reading this, hi. Maybe I’ll start posting stuff here again.

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